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Divorce can be complicated, but yours doesn’t have to be. We take care of all the heavy lifting and guide you every step of the way, making it streamlined and simple.
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Divorce Mediation as a Resource for Therapists

This past week I had the opportunity to chat with two wonderful therapists, Miriam Collada with Collada Counseling  in Mission Valley, who is just beginning to embark on her private practice journey and Kara Kohnen, with Grow Through Life Counseling, who has been at...

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Divorce and Sitting Down at the Table

The main difference between divorce mediation and the traditional litigated divorce with attorneys, is how long it takes for the couple to sit down together at the same table to have a meaningful discussion to settle their case. In divorce mediation, the case begins...

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Divorce and Estate Planning

In a recent study conducted by caring.com it was found that while 56% of those surveyed believed that estate planning was important, only 33% of Americans had actually formally completed their estate plan.  Each state has laws that determine what happens to somebody's...

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Divorce Mediation and Life Insurance

It isn’t hard to think of a more pleasant combination of topics to write about than divorce and death, but here we are.  It is valuable to understand the three primary situations where life insurance needs to be addressed in a divorce. The first situation is when the...

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