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Top 10 Benefits to Mediation When Divorcing – Part Two

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Mediation, Divorce, Litigation

When you invest in mediation instead of heading straight to court, you design your own agreement, rather than allowing others to make decisions for you. The agreement that you create in mediation includes everything that is important to you both. If you and your former spouse are able to work out a divorce agreement through mediation, it is the best way to manage the terms of your divorce.  (Here is the first part of this series)

6. Get to the Point of What You Want

Mediation promotes cooperative problem solving and allows you to get to the point of what you want. The process allows both parties to resolve issues through communication and working together as a team. Any issues that arise can be dealt with using a focus that is neutral and seeking to find a mutually beneficial solution. When two parties go through mediation, they are more likely to listen to one another and work through problems instead of fighting. The mediator is trained to help the couple overcome any challenges.

 7. Allows for More Opportunities for Creative Solutions

The solutions offered from the court simply don’t work for every family. When you go through
mediation, you can come up with creative solutions that work for everyone involved. Mediation offers unlimited solutions, as long as both parties can agree. When you don’t have to work within the confines of the litigation process, you have more of a chance of making both parties happy.

 8. The Agreement is Longer Lasting

The durability of your agreement is important. When both parties are able to participate in a solution, they are more likely to cooperate with the terms. There are less problems enforcing an agreement that is made between two parties than if a Judge imposes the decision on the parties. The unhappy party often will keep returning to the Court to seek another chance for a difference outcome. In mediation, if changes to the agreement need to be made, both parties are likely to cooperate further to make appropriate adjustments.

 9. Mediation Is Healthier for You

Going to court and litigating your case is stressful. The long delays associated with Court availability result in you not being able to move forward with your life. Mediation allows you to resolve your divorce at a pace that works for you and your spouse and allows you both to move on with your lives. With litigation you are stuck in the fight and while you are stuck you are also often further harming your ability to maintain a civil relationship with your spouse. With mediation you come out on the other side with better ongoing relationships helped by your ability to cooperate in reaching agreement.

10. Stay Empowered Through Mediation

When you are in control of the timing of your divorce, you feel more empowered. You are able to address issues as they arise and you are a part of making final decisions. Litigation leaves big decisions up to the Judge in your case, leaving you in a position that you must accept terms that you did not have say in. While in mediation there is a need for compromise and you don’t always get everything you want, you have played a role in the decision making and had a say in resolution of all the issues.

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