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Top 10 Benefits to Mediation When Divorcing – Part One

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Mediation, Divorce

When you are getting a divorce, mediation has a number of benefits. From spending less money to keeping your business private, mediation can give you the resolution you want without spending hours in the court room. If you and your former spouse are able to work out a divorce agreement through mediation, it is the best way to manage the terms of your divorce.

  1. Mediation Is more Affordable
    Spending hours of time with your attorney preparing your case for litigation and hours more at Court waiting for your case to be heard and then arguing your case with the Judge is not a cost-effective process for resolving the issues of your divorce. It is an extremely expensive process. When you go with mediation, you are paying for time that is focused on finding a solution. This is going to save you substantial money on your divorce and let you move on with your life.
  2. Keep Control Over Your Case
    When you bring your case to court, you are turning over control of what happens with your divorce to the Judge. If you work out resolutions through mediation, you and your spouse are the ones who make the decisions and maintain the control. Try working with your spouse to come up with a mutually beneficial solution before surrendering control to a stranger and remain in control of the outcome.
  3. Get Answers Quickly
    In mediation, you are able to come to a resolution quickly. You are not at the mercy of the court’s calendar, and don’t have to wait months for the judge to make a decision on your case. If you have a pressing issue that you need to deal with, you can promptly schedule a mediation session and promptly address the issue with your spouse with the assistance of the mediator. This provides a flexible and responsive way to manage the issues in your divorce as they arise.
  4. Keep Your Business Confidential
    When you file pleadings in court, all of your dirty laundry is there for anyone who wants to read it. These pleadings can include inflammatory allegations between the spouses which are better kept private. The Court in litigated cases also requires that you fully disclose all your financial information in Court filings that are also accessible to all. None of us want our personal lives and finances shared with strangers and those for whom it is none of their business. In mediation the financial information is exchanged between the spouses but is not filed with the Court. Difficult discussions about sharing children happen in private with no declarations disclosing private matters being filed with the Court. The process is confidential and your personal lives kept private.
  5. Protects Children from Conflict
    When there is a court hearing pending in a litigated case regarding such important issues as who will have custody of the children or other financial matters, there is inevitably stress for both parents which trickles down to the children. Even if the parent is focused on keeping their children shielded from the conflict, the whole family is going to feel the stress. With long delays in matters being heard by the Court this stress can become a long-term situation. Mediation allows both parents to sit right down to work together to come up with a mutually acceptable child sharing arrangement which considers the needs of the children and the importance of providing the children with an opportunity to maintain their relationship with both parents. Addressing issues promptly and not having high stakes court hearings hanging over the family reduces the stress for everyone, including the children.

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