Attorney Settlement Conference

Mediation services are provided in matters where one or both spouses are represented by an attorney. The case can be at any phase of the process from just starting out to moving toward trial. If both spouses are in agreement to mediate, our mediator will serve as a neutral party with an unbiased perspective to seek to settle any remaining issues in the case. It can often be very helpful to bring in a neutral professional to provide an unbiased perspective of the case, mediator will suggest possible additional solutions to consider and other strategies to help resolve the difficult issues and let the couple move on with their lives.

The mediation is scheduled for a 4 hour block. Only actual time used is charged. The parties have the option to each prepare a settlement brief and provide it prior to the mediation to identify the issues that have been settled or remain in dispute. There is a charge of 1 hour to review the briefs which does not include review of substantial supporting documents which would have an additional charge depending on time required. The hourly rate for Attorney Settlement Conference mediation is $300.

The law requires that attorneys advise their clients on the impact of confidentiality on their matter. The necessary form can be found here (add link) and can be provided upon request at the scheduled mediation.

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