All it takes is agreement with your spouse to sit down and find a mutually beneficial solution.

Our experienced divorce mediator will guide, educate, and provide creative options to resolve your differences.

Mediation can be the cost effective, streamlined approach to divorce, eliminating wasted time in court and providing a healthy resolution.


When you and your spouse are unable to work together.

Our experienced divorce attorney can take responsibility for your individual case.

They will provide you legal advice, be your advocate, and represent you in court.

An attorney can help find out-of-court solutions to reduce impact and cost, while being available to litigate when necessary.



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Advocating in and out of court.

The Divorce Mediator

The mediator’s role is to aid you and your spouse in identifying the issues that must be resolved in the divorce. The mediator will provide information about how the Court might resolve issues if your case was litigated, as well as assisting you in identifying creative alternatives that mediating couples can consider in reaching agreement. The goal in providing this information is to assure that you both are in a position to make educated decisions related to the divorce. The mediator also uses his experience to help you overcome emotional, trust and communication issues that may get in the way of effective communication and resolution.

The mediator will also prepare the necessary paperwork to commence the divorce, facilitate compliance with the Court’s disclosure requirements, and to draft the settlement agreement and other necessary forms when settlement is reached. Your job is to let us help you communicate with your spouse and become educated on the issues so you can make the decisions. We do the rest.

The Divorce Attorney

The divorce attorney’s role is different from that of a mediator.

The attorney will meet with you individually to find out what it is you want in your divorce. They will provide you with legal advice and the likelihood of outcomes. They will explore possible options with you to resolve your matter with minimal court involvement if possible. If not, they will prepare the necessary pleadings and legal documents to represent you and advocate your interests in Court.

The attorney will prepare all the necessary paperwork to commence your case, to address issues in your case as they arise, to comply with the disclosure requirements of the Court and to resolve and finalize your divorce.

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