About Barney Connaughton

Barney Connaughton is a family lawyer and mediator who has been practicing Family Law in Chula Vista and San Diego, California, since 1993.

His practice includes representing clients in contested traditional divorce cases, representation in collaborative cases, and serving as a Mediator in mediated cases.

He serves as a Family Law Settlement Judge for the South Bay branch of the San Diego Superior Court.

His practice focuses on providing clients with options so they can divorce in a healthy way.

Working for A Healthy Divorce

Our office is committed to working for a healthy divorce by diffusing conflict associated with the breakdown of the marriage, providing creative options to the traditional divorce, promoting awareness and consideration of the needs of the children, emphasizing effective communication so clients can make informed decisions, maintaining attention and responsiveness to client's needs and securing appropriate referrals to needed resources.

Creative Options to the Traditional Divorce

Our office provides healthy divorce alternatives including mediation and Collaborative Divorce to involve the couple in working to constructively resolve their own divorce. Whether we are working as a neutral mediator guiding the couple to fashion their own divorce solutions by Mediation or acting as an attorney for one of the spouses in a Collaborative Divorce we invite using a process focused on creatively resolving dispute outside the Courthouse.

Meeting the Needs of the Children

Part of a healthy divorce is assuring that the needs of the children are being met, and that the children are not being inappropriately placed in the middle of the dispute. We are committed to helping clients maintain a focus on the needs of the children throughout the process.

Informed Decisions

Our goal is to help client's make informed decisions every step of the way. In divorce mediation, this means encouraging the couple to gather all necessary information to make educated decisions and steering the couple to appropriate resources when needed. As your divorce mediator, we recognize the importance of taking the time to explain issues in understandable terms, and making ourselves available to answer questions as they come up. In litigated cases, we will seek to keep you informed every step of the way, to look for healthy solutions, and to advocate and guide you from beginning to end.

Responding to Your Needs

We are here to meet your needs as they arise. We have a policy of promptly returning telephone calls and will seek immediate solutions to problems as they come up. By using mediation and collaborative alternatives, problems can be addressed without long delays waiting for court availability. If hired as your attorney, we will seek to find ways to resolve your case effectively within the confines of the Court’s availability.

The Law Office of Barney Connaughton

Education And Training

U.C. Davis, 1989

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Double Majors in English and Political Science

California Western School of Law, 1992

Juris Doctor

Pro Bono

Family Law Settlement Judge, County of San Diego Superior Court
San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program Panel Member (former)


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