Why Choose Divorce Mediation?

There are some major benefits to consider, if you and your spouse can work together and you agree to mediate and design your own Divorce Solution.

Maintain control over the outcome

You design your own agreement, rather than allowing others to make decisions for you. The agreement that you create in mediation includes everything that is important to you both.

In mediation, unlike in court, there are no unpleasant or stressful surprises. The discussion continues at your own pace, until each of you are convinced that the agreement you designed will work for you.

You have time to explore different child sharing options before you sign an agreement

If you have children, the mediator helps you design a parenting plan that works for your family. You have time to try out different parenting plans, before you sign an agreement.

Keep Your Privacy

You maintain privacy by keeping your matter out of Court. The Mediator will handle getting the necessary paperwork filed and you will not need to present your issues to a Judge for them to decide.

Save on Significant Legal Cost

By choosing divorce mediation, you and your spouse can work things out together, instead of engaging in an expensive and stressful legal battle.

Keep Control Over the Timing

You maintain control, and set your own pace. You won't be frustrated by unexpected court delays or pressured to meet inconvenient court-imposed deadlines. Your mediation can proceed as slowly, or as rapidly, as you choose.

Mediation softens the tension between the two of you and enables you to work together as parents, and even to remain friends, if you wish.

The mediator listens to you and your spouse listens too. You get a chance to be heard, in a private setting, instead of sitting in a courtroom.

Because mediation is focused on the future, everyone searches for win-win solutions. The result is a positive process, where you move forward, rather than lingering in the past.

A Healthy Divorce - San Diego California Divorce Mediator Lawyer
A Healthy Divorce - San Diego California Divorce Mediator Lawyer
A Healthy Divorce - San Diego California Divorce Mediator Lawyer

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

In mediation you take it upon yourself to make your own decisions. It is less likely that you will have to return to Court in the future because you have each participated in reaching the outcome of the case and it was not forced upon either of you by the Court.